Here's "Flashback," the first of two new episodes of sci-fi adventure series THE MULTINAUTS, featuring Ariel Pink in a dual role as both "sewer mutant" and himself. Director Jennifer Juniper Stratford says:

"...The Multinauts are visited by Falco Quasar. Falco convinces the Multinauts to blow off some steam by going to a wild space party where the galaxies hottest new "saga-wave" band, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are playing. Good times go terribly awry when the trio travels to a wild kegger full of space preppies that turn out to be more than just party animals."

"Saga-wave" = best new microgenre. Ariel Pink's epic cameo as "sewer mutant" starts around the 11:00 mark, while Haunted Graffiti's insane performance gets underway around 16:25:

Watch episode two (starring Geneva Jacuzzi) and read more about the show at