As I mentioned too much already my new EP is out now, and along with it I want to celebrate two fellows who are not only two of my best friends but also the two people who I collaborated with on this music and who helped bring this EP to life. They are Jesse Beauchamp and Luca Buccellati — and they happen to be two of the most talented people I know. From time to time we’ve liked to get together and ‘jam’ -- I hate that word, but one of these occasions was recorded on an iphone last year and I thought it would be a cool little piece to share of something that’s special to me. These aren’t necessarily Tei Shi songs or anything concrete…just ideas being tossed around between the three of us in my rehearsal space. Really it’s just us fucking around on a Friday feel free to skip right by this if that sounds like the worst thing ever. It might be. But it’s just a peek into something silly with these two guys who mean a lot.

I didn’t have an appropriate image for this so I drew a picture of us. -- Tei Shi