Pete Drake was a really well known pedal steel guitar player in Nashville in the 60s, He played on some of the biggest songs/for the biggest artists ever. But he also came up with the idea of basically using your mouth as the amplifier for a guitar. He made the sound go through a plastic tube which you could then put in your mouth and use to control the guitar. You’re singing, but using the guitar as the instrument being amplified by your mouth rather than your voice. The result is really fucking awesome. Today it doesn’t seem that wild, people use vocoders and such widely, but the idea kind of originates here…and the fact that he was make-shifting this and playing this shit live in the early 60s is pretty cool. Check out the video of him performing his song Forever with the set up…it’s also one of the weirder live videos I’ve ever seen. I love it. -- Tei Shi