Mecano was a huge pop band from Spain during the 80s and early 90s. They were a really cool, ahead of their time band and I think some of their music still sounds pretty relevant today. I was exposed to their music because my older sisters listened to them a ton, and their songs played a big role in my childhood. This song in particular, is still one of the most beautiful songs ever in my opinion. It was a big part of my childhood and I was always really fascinated by the story—my sister would always sing it to me. It’s called Son Of The Moon, and it tells the story of the moon wanting to be a mother, and making an agreement with a woman that she would send her a ‘dark skinned lover’ with the condition that she would promise the moon their first born child together. So the woman and the dude fall in love and get married, and the woman gives birth to a child who is pale skinned like the moon, with grey eyes (he’s the son of the moon). The man becomes furious, thinking the child is not his own, and kills the woman in rage. He then abandons the child at the top of a mountain. It says that when the moon is full, the child is happy and when he cries, there is a crescent moon in order to cradle him to sleep. People don’t really make songs that tell stories like this...and I think it’s pretty amazing to make a beautiful pop song that also unravels such an elaborate tale.

Closing off with this sweet’s been real! Thanks for letting me ramble! -- Tei Shi