Dreaming The Dark is the name of my album, also an essential book for anyone interested in witchcraft, magic, control, the patriarchy, sex, religion or politics. Eco-feminism is something that I think we all should embrace. This is a great place to start and to honor where the idea was first brought to life as a philosophy. Women like Starhawk having been voicing concern for the earth, each other and looking into the darkness to find a synthesis with oneself for a very long time. This book was written the year I was born and the ideas still feel revolutionary and of the utmost importance. Read it, see her talk, she’s still out there doing this work. I believe that being a gardener of the earth is what humans were intended to be and the outlook shared by Starhawk and a handful of her peers really resonate with me. There are a lot of paths to follow on that journey but many of them started with this book. Respect. -- Tamaryn