I played a festival with Kennedy Ashlyn recently and as she exited the stage a women from the crowd ran after her screaming “voice of a generation!” I can’t argue. She has a transcendent operatic like range and a cosmic sense of melody. Her luminous confidence is so empowering to witness and I can’t help but be totally awed by it. Every live show leaves people in tears or in some kind of state of spiritual reverence. SRSQ and her former project Them Are Us Too both released albums this year that paired a perfectly balanced minimalism and perfectly crafted explosive drama. It’s totally high key, mysterious, DIY and as real as it gets all at once. I cannot wait to see how this artist grows over the years. She’s had a really difficult personal journey and seeing her step more and more into her power with each release is such a treat to witness. I know I will be a fan for life.

I would also recommend diving into the entire DAIS catalogue. They are seriously on to something special. -- Tamaryn