We've been massive fans of everything Tamaryn has done for the past decade plus (she was also on the lineup for what remains the coolest show we've ever done), so it's a huge honor to have her take over the site on release day for her most powerful and emotionally resonant album to date, Dreaming the Dark, a shimmering, soaring synth-pop odyssey that warrants every single Tears for Fears and Kate Bush reference it will inevitably garner. To start things off this morning, Tamaryn tells us about her regular collaborator, producer, and close friend, the great Jorge Elbrecht:


My current main collaborator and producer. Which has been an honor as I was a big fan of his project Lansing-Dreiden since their first album 'The Incomplete Triangle’ was released in 2003. The thing is they were an anonymous art collective and I had no idea who was behind it. Flash forward to 2010 when another brilliant project appeared and captured my attention by the name of Violens with their album ‘Amoral’. I somehow found out it was the same guy masterminding these projects that resonated with me so deeply. The songwriting was beyond anything anyone I knew could make at the time and the production was perfection yet still a challenging blend of styles. That’s what made it so exciting to me and to this day I still listen to all of those albums often.

I first had the opportunity to collaborate with Jorge for a cover of Temple Records artists Turning Shines. We did a cool version of ‘1/4 Circle Black’ in 2013 for a record store day single commissioned by Mexican Summer. It was immediately apparent there was a lot of potential between us and I proposed Jorge produce my next album which became 2015’s 'Cranekiss'. It’s been several years now but the spell has never broken for me. He’s still one of my fav contemporary songwriters and one of my all time favorite singers. He continues to inspire me with his myriad of projects that he’s begun to release under his own name as well as the growing catalogue of impressive albums by other notable artists he’s produced. There are all these subcategories inside his project that have the most specific and curious parameters. He released an album called ‘Here Lies’ in 2018 which has examples of some of these projects, Presentable Corpse, Coral Cross, Gloss Coma etc. I sing on that album and am about to sing on his new LP set to release later this year which I think may be his best. Too good. Hero, collaborator and friend. -- Tamaryn