This is my new record label. I had every intention of self releasing this album but when I started chatting to label head Jack Mannix I knew this was my community. Jack is the most angelic and inspiring being. He has had one of the most traumatic lives i’ve ever heard of but beams with endless positivity. He’s lived the real JT Leroy life and then some...It’s his story to tell but the point is he’s come through some of the hardest things a human could and is still out there doing good and makes it looks easy. The entire label is Jack doing right by some of the coolest, most hard working artists I can think of, Ssion, V, Patriarchy, Royal Trux, Star AhMerAhSu and a really exciting group of now and future legends yet to be announced. It’s a label for visionary outsiders with crazy strong work ethic. Really proud to be part of this moment. -- Tamaryn