listen to new Burial + Zomby collaboration Sweetz
The intensely anticipated collab from enigmatic UK producers Burial + Zomby officially arrives this Friday on limited one-sided white vinyl 10" via Hyperdub. "Sweetz" will also appear on Zomby's forthcoming full-length Ultra; listen now on the more illicit corners of …
Nmesh + Telepath – The Path To Lost Eden

Vaporwave OGs Nmesh and Telepath explore the dankest/thickest tropical vibes on their epic "2-hour conceptual split album" The Path To Lost Eden, out today on (almost sold-out) cassette via Dream Catalogue. Listen to Nmesh's alternately eerie and soothing "アンチ技術のマジェスティックビューティー", …
mp3: zomby | “helter skelter”

"Helter Skelter" is the ominously cinematic new jam from Zomby's upcoming One Foot Ahead of the Other EP. As the Publics demonstrated recently, the song makes an ideal score for just about any '70s b-horror flick (particularly ones involving zombies + sharks); thanks to the Fader for hook…
surf zombies must chill
Zomby's "Helter Skelter" vs. assorted vintage flicks, including the zombie vs. shark scene from Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE. So awesome:
"Helter Skelter" taken from Zomby's new One Foot Ahead of the Other EP.