stream Yaeji’s EP2
We've already heard a few of the hits from this thing, but now you can stream Yaeji's second stellar EP of 2017 in its entirety below:
Yaeji announces EP2, hear new single “drink i’m sippin on”
Yaeji follows up one of our most listened-to records of the year -- and a string of stellar summer singles -- with her second EP for Godmode, out November 3rd. In addition to the intoxicatingly deep and lush new single "drink i'm sippin on", the EP also features Yaeji's gorgeous "Passionfruit" cover/re-work...
yaeji – last breath
Yaeji applies a little ego, a few embarrassing memories, and some 24-hour depression in her self-directed new "makeup tutorial" video for dazzling new single "Last Breath", out today via godmode:
Yaeji shares new single “Therapy”
Yaeji follows up one of the best debut releases of the year with heady and hypnotically warped new single "Therapy", out today on Godmode. Listen below + cop it on iTunes here.
Yaeji – Passionfruit
Yaeji continues her breakout 2017 with this beautifully wistful and dreamy version of Drake's "Passionfruit", recorded this past weekend while she was out in LA for her first Boiler Room set. Listen below + download a free .wav of the track here:
Yaeji x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: NOSE x EAR 01
Earlier I briefly mentioned my collaborative project “With”. This project was founded by me and my friend Joe when we both started DJing. We both had the mutual interest of synesthesia/sensory experiences and found the subject of intimacy and solitude very intriguing...
Yaeji x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: HAND x EAR 02
Davis and I have this special tradition of making personal birthday gifts for each other. I would make a visual poster for one of his tracks and he would produce a track for one of my visual artworks. A couple years ago he made this track for a project I made that was a 60-ft long hand-sewn moss carpet hung from the top of a spiral staircase...
Yaeji x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: HAND x EAR 01
Mall Grab sent me this track a while back when I first moved back to New York. That weekend my friends were visiting and we went to Palisades for the first time. I remember standing right in front of the sub, being blown away by the vibration, sweaty walls, and crazy energy - it was quite overwhelming but in the most magical way...

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