What's Tonight to Eternity

video: Cindy Lee – Heavy Metal
On the heels of the recent CAT O' NINE TAILS LP announcement, Cindy Lee shares a psychedelic video for the gorgeous What's Tonight To Eternity highlight "Heavy Metal":
Patrick Flegel releasing second Cindy Lee album of 2020
As we're still attempting to absorb and process the incredible new Cindy Lee record What's Tonight To Eternity -- which came out less than a month ago -- Patrick Flegel announces the second Cindy Lee Woland album of 2020, CAT O' NINE TAILS...
Cindy Lee – Heavy Metal
Pat Flegel aka Cindy Lee shares the gorgeous first single and closing track from new LP What's Tonight to Eternity, the follow-up to a couple of our favorite records in recent years (including the devastating Act of Tenderness, one of the best of the decade), coming on Valentine's Day 2020 via Superior Viaduct / W...