TRUST takeover: Anne Carson + Flannery O’Connor
Two authors really were big inspirations for me while writing this album. Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red was one of them. She's an absolute genius! I even named a song on my record about the main character Geryon. This is my favourite line from the book, ''They were two super…
TRUST takeover: Ace of Base
I know that I've had a lot of press regarding my love of Ace of Base. But it's undeniable how influential they continue to be for me. Just look how much FUN they're having in this video! In all honesty Young and Proud is definitely one of the best pop songs ever written...
TRUST takeover: Eva Michon
Eva Michon is responsible for directing the very first TRUST video for 'Candy Walls'. But I fell in love with her because of this incredible video she did for Toronto band Bishop Morocco. Def one of my fave vids of all time for sure - go Eva...
TRUST takeover: Capitol demo
Capitol is the oldest song on my new record. It was written nearly 7 years ago now! I thought I'd share the original demo with y'all so you can hear my baby voice and see how chest hair changed everything. -- TRUST
TRUST takeover: Kristie Muller
My favourite photographer is my dear friend Kristie Muller. Her photos continue to blow me away and she's by far the coolest and sweetest person I know. My song 'Gloryhole' is also a tribute in many ways to a party she used to throw in Toronto...
TRUST takeover: Leila K
I know i'm late to the Leila K train, but my pal in Sweden only just told me about her. Of course I was instantly obsessed. She's totally badass, and just look how much fun she must be having on that throne! -- TRUST
TRUST takeover: Darby Milbrath

My pal Darby Milbrath is an amaaazing photographer and also an incredible painter too. Her paintings are truly whimsical! You should follow her magical updates on Instagram @darbymilbrath -- TRUST
TRUST takeover: SLEEP ∞ OVER
Sleep ∞ Over's album Forever is incredible start to finish. One of those albums that I've kept close to my heart for a while now. Romantic Streams makes me well up every time I hear it. I was over the moon excited when Stefanie was into doing a remix for a song of the new record...
TRUST takeover: Walter Van Beirendonck
It's crazy how much exciting fashion comes out of Belgium. Walter Van Beirendonck has been doing INSANE things for decades now, one of my favs being this Wild and Lethal Trash video from 1996. His latest collection doesn't disappoint either...

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