true blue

True Blue – No Water
Brooklyn's Maya Laner aka True Blue follows up her excellent 2018 debut release Edge Of with another softly sparkling gem, in the enchanting, self-produced new single "No Water". With its exquisite, crystalline melody, the song radiates a playful sense of wonder and a floating, almost mantra-like new age vibe that feels cleansing and sweetly cathartic...
stream True Blue’s Edge Of EP
We're documented fans of True Blue, the synth-pop solo project of Porches' Maya Laner, so it probably goes without saying that we're very psyched about this unexpected development: Maya just self-released her debut Edge Of EP out of nowhere today, and it's lovely...
True Blue – Tell Me Texas
Maya Laner aka True Blue follows up her excellent late 2017 debut single with more vibrant, beautifully surreal synth-pop magic. Listen/sway along softly to the dreamy, bittersweet "Tell Me Texas" below, and look out for more True Blue in the near future: