TOPS takeover

TOPS takeover: Sally Oldfield – Blue Water
This song really resonates with me because it contains so many musical elements that I love. The production showcases real instruments in a completely atmospheric way. The vocals are arrestingly beautiful while remaining totally unique. And the track takes off halfway via psychedelic transition into a euphoric disco groove that'll put a smile on your face :) - JP, TOPS
TOPS takeover: Suzanne Ciani on David Letterman (1980)
Suzanne Ciani is an electronic music innovator who worked with early synthesizers to create sound effects that have a special character which put them in a different solar system than other sound effect engineers working at the time. It's clear from this video that she's also an extremely cool and smart woman working at the cutting edge of her field and totally immersed in it...
TOPS takeover: Tasseomancy – Reality
Tasseomancy is led by sisters Sari and Romy Lightman. Their music taps into the mundane mysticism of diner meetings and pitch shifted Karaoke and driving to the woods in a minivan. Sari and Neil cut up footage of a Bauhaus ballet and made a video for this song that Romy wrote...
TOPS takeover: Mathematique ft. Dresden Dresses – Wish B0nes
Pascale and Antoine - who make music as Mathematique and Dresden Dresses/Antoine 93 respectively - embody everything that makes the Montreal music scene so great. They're extremely dedicated musicians and artists who bring tons of positive energy wherever they go and make time to play in other people's bands and have fun while striving to make something totally unique and straight from the heart.

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