stream Tirzah’s gorgeous debut LP Devotion
Tirzah's glowing debut LP Devotion is finally here. As I've already mentioned, the record feels like such a sincere, elegantly romantic, and distinctly modern (thanks to Mica Levi's haunting minimalist production) take on everything I loved about '90s R&B love songs -- th…
video: Tirzah – Devotion
London's Tirzah follows up last weekend's "Affection" video with the haunting title track from her Mica Levi-produced new album Devotion, out next month. Video directed by @crackstevens:
Tirzah – Affection
Tirzah shares another beautiful, tender gem from her album of the year contender / new collection of "straight up love songs", Devotion, out August 10th on Domino:
Tirzah & Mica Levi (aka Taz & Meeks) – Obviously
As we've mentioned, we are deeply in love with Tirzah's beautiful and incredibly soulful new LP Devotion, coming this summer on Domino. The Mica Levi-produced record feels like a romantic, ultra-modern take on some of our favorite '90s R&B love songs and slow jams, and as we patiently wait until…
Tirzah - Gladly
Such a sweet, beautiful jam from London artist Tirzah's debut LP Devotion, out this summer on Domino. This one's an automatic addition to our songs of the year playlist, and this is the second album called Devotion in as many days that we're suddenly very psyched about...
Katie Gately x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Tirzah
i just discovered tirzah this year, i really like everything she has released but this track is particularly weird, raw and delightful. i believe this was also produced by the tremendous mica levi. i love how dry the mix is - it's really brave and works so well. -- Katie Gately