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New non-album track from Flying Lotus, courtesy of Warp. Look for the highly anticipated Los Angeles follow-up Cosmogramma (featuring guest spots from Thom Yorke + more Laura Darlington) to be released on May 4.
girls cover daniel johnston
Girls' Christopher Owens offers up a heartfelt version of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End."
Polaroids: Thom Yorke :: Live at the Echoplex | Los Angeles, CA

thom yorke is psyched about Obama, gives away free remix
Via Dead Air Space:
"in celebration of nov 5thjonnys burthdayamid bonfire and fireworks in the UKand the dawn of a new era in politics in the USAi humbly donate a remix of harrowdown hill that was finished ages ago during the band webcasts,a small reminder of the dark days of Bush's...