the tough alliance

jj x the tough alliance
More jj/Sincerely Yours news to report: the label just emailed about a (possibly old?) Tough Alliance remix EP entitled Prison Break, featuring contributions from El Guincho, the Juan Maclean, Tanlines, Woolfy, Shazam, and perhaps most notably, SY label-mates Jules & Jim, aka JJ...
from africa to málaga
Another blissful, impossibly warm, St. Etienne-inspired gem from Sincerely Yours' (Air France, the Tough Alliance, Memory Cassette) newest artist, the mysterious jj:
Free mp3 courtesy of Sincerely Yours; if you like it, buy the 320kbps version here...
the tough alliance covers the zombies

Not sure how I missed this last week (oh yeah, sxsw), but on Friday, Modular gave away this magical cover of one of my favorite songs from one of the best albums of all time. As Modular puts it, "sweeter than a fistful of fairy floss delivered by a friendly liger":
thanks to Butter Team…
the tough alliance :: neo violence (shazam remix)
taken by sweetness
Sweden's Air France, architects of one of my favorite releases of 08, have reworked Taken By Trees' great new summer single "Sweetness." Not the first time an already beautiful song of Ms. Bergsman's has been enhanced by a Sincerely Yours band, as the Tough Alliance…