mp3: Young Galaxy –

“Peripheral Visionaries”
New jam from Montreal's Young Galaxy, featuring production from Studio's infallible Balearic-disco luminary Dan Lissvik, who takes the helm on the group's forthcoming LP Shapeshifting. The press release says the record is "never 'epic'....

Dan Lissvik of Swedish Balearic duo Studio has uploaded two new little summer jams to his myspace page, and while both are very recommended, "23" is the chillest of waves. Yeah, listen here.
Lissvik :: 23
previously from Lissvik:
SERVICE is set to release Trust in Numbers, the debut full-length from Sweden's Lake Heartbeat, produced by D Lissvik of the duo Studio. Here's a dreamy remix of the group's first single, "Mystery," created by Norway's Ytre Rymden Dansskola...
mp3: fever ray x studio

I leave you for the weekend with this outstanding version of Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up," reworked by Lissvik of Swedish balearic duo Studio. I mentioned it briefly last week, but now we've got the mp3 clear to post for your weekend. Probably my favorite remix of the year so far; the chil…