st. etienne

video: air france x st. etienne :: “spring”

New video from Air France, for their St. Etienne remix that we've been obsessed with of late. Sincerely Yours says: "we asked the boys how they felt about their remix and got this back..." Watch it in high-res here.
mp3: st. etienne | “spring (air france remix)”
We told you about this one the other day, and now TLOBF comes through with the mp3, along with this choice quote from Air France: "This is the answer to our prayers. 'Spring' is the song we fucked to when we were eleven and took rohypnol raw"...
air france x st. etienne
Sweden's  Air France just posted up their long-awaited remix of St. Etienne's "Spring" here (thanks to Gorillan for the tip). Take a listen to the breezy/dreamy track below: