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Skylar Spence x GvsB takeover: Braque – Maraude
I just stumbled upon this record label called D.K.O. out of France, and they’ve got an impressive roster of house and disco enthusiasts. Braque’s EP, ’Maraude’, is short but sweet from top to bottom, and the title track sounds like some…
Skylar Spence x GvsB takeover: Roman à Clef – Bye/Gone

This track is the centerpiece of (for my money) the best album of 2015. I heard the single, “Abandonware”, on the radio on the way to leave for our first ever leg of tour. It floored me instantly. Every song I’ve heard from this group since has been nothing short of gold — the album dwells on a lot …
Skylar Spence x GvsB takeover: Motorcraft

From the mind of ACTUAL VISIONARY Chaz Allen comes Motorcraft. A bandcamp visit’s worth a thousand words, so i’ll spare you mine and meet you at the finish line. A MUST LISTEN. — Skylar Spence
Motorcraft by Motorcraft
Skylar Spence x GvsB takeover: Monkey (demo)
I haven’t had much time to work on new tunes since I finished ‘Prom King’, mostly due to putting a band together and playing a bunch of shows this summer. Which was awesome! But I’ve had some time off and I’m just trying to have f…

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