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jj :: kills chopped + screwed

jj's kills mixtape gets chopped + screwed by some dude called joel rampage for YOURS0174. Download it below (the very dope original mixtape is still available here):
"came from heaven just to sing a song for you
to the rhythm of my love for you
and now it's beatin slow and you know
this the end of …
mp3: ceo – “ave maria”

ceo's sweet little ode to Sharapova, in the form of this lovely Blondie cover. Watch the vaguely voyeuristic video in higher-res here.
download jj’s kills mixtape
Christmas Eve is here -- in Sweden, anyway -- so here's jj's kills mixtape, as promised by Sincerely Yours. Featuring Dre, Biggie, M.I.A., Jay-Z, Yeezy, et al:
Download the whole mixtape:
jj :: kills mixtape ...
ceo covers beyonce

Here's the b-side from the new ceo single we mentioned yesterday: a soaring cover of Beyonce's "Halo."
ceo :: halo (beyonce cover)

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