secret songs

mp3: dd elle – tell me
"dd elle songs are these strangely lovely calculated moody messes... he's kind of jai paul level of ~mystery~ and talent, i think" -- ryan hemsworthAnother wistful, warped pop gem from the mysterious dd elle, this time for Ryan Hemsworth's consistently sweet Secret Songs series, which means you can download it for free below:
mp3: Ricky Eat Acid – p u l l (may15)
"This song (p u l l) is the first song I've ever written so traditionally as Ricky Eat Acid. It's the first time my own vocals appear on a track, though treated somewhat, with my own melodies and lyrics..." -- REAWoozy and very emotional new track from Maryland's Sam Ray, aka Ricky Eat Acid; download it for free courtesy of REA + Ryan Hemsworth's bi-weekly / "friends only" Secr