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mp3: Rainbow Arabia –

“Without You” (alternate version)
Here's an alternate, extended version of "Without You," the infectious Cyndi Lauper-gone-tribal lead single from Rainbow Arabia's Boys and Diamonds LP, courtesy of Kompakt's soundcloud page. Hoping they tap this one for the rumored impending Goonies remake:
Boys a…
omar k
Regardless of how you feel about this band/song, this is probably the video of the year (at least until we get the head-exploding CGI Grizzly Bears in the "Two Weeks" video):
tonight :: gang gang dance + rainbow arabia
tiffany of rainbow arabia
The mighty Gang Gang Dance comes to TX tonight (and tomorrow), with L.A.'s Rainbow Arabia in tow. You already know how we feel about the unreal new Gang Gang LP, but this Rainbow Arabia stuff sounds like it'll be an ideal complement to what should be a pretty inten…