puro instinct

Puro Instinct – TRUEEMERALD mix

Dreamy, obscure deeeep jams from around the world abound in this stellar new mix of influences/favorites from L.A. sisters Puro Instinct, created for Japan's oki-ni. Hint: that Yukihiro Takahashi jam is a jam:
favorites of 2011.5
Here are our favorite records + songs from the first half of 2011. If you're into reading, we've written about most of these here and in some other places. We've also enjoyed checking out all of your picks, as always. Please let us know what we missed:
01 Shabazz Palaces :: Black Up

mp3: Puro Instinct on Daytrotter

L.A.'s Puro Instinct stopped by Daytrotter recently to play a few jams: check their hazy, distant live version of "Slivers of You" below, and download the whole session here.

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