pooneh ghana

photos: little joy | live in austin
More Little Joy photos, this time from their show last night at the Parish in Austin. All shots by the awesome Pooneh Ghana, who was even able to elicit some smiles out of Rodrigo, Binki, and Fab. Click for larger images (recommended):

polaroids :: King Khan & BBQ | live in austin
the king khan & bbq show :: the mohawk austin
More radical Polaroids from our new contributor and overall badass, Ms. Pooneh Ghana. This time she caught King Khan & BBQ Show's raucous set on Saturday night at our favorite bar in Austin. Looks like a blast, although she says it would've been e…
polaroids :: of montreal | live in austin

Say hello to our newest contributor, the extremely talented Pooneh Ghana. Pooneh shares our love for Polaroid/Holga/other antiquated photo machines, and we're pretty thrilled she'll be covering a number of upcoming shows for us down in Austin, starting with these glorious shots she captured at last …