mp3: Planningtorock – “The Breaks”

We premiered the awesomely unsettling video for this one a while back, and now DFA is giving away the mp3 for free. Click the arrow to download it below, and look for Planningtorock’s new full-length W, out May 24 on DFA / Rostron.
Planningtorock :: The Breaks
video premiere: Planningtorock – “The Breaks”
More ominous, genuinely creepy melodrama from Knife collaborator Janine Rostron -- aka Planningtorock -- in the form of this bizarre video for her awesome new pop jam "The Breaks." Not exactly sure what's going on here, but it would almost be kind of sweet if it wasn't s…
mp3 premiere:

Planningtorock – “Doorway”
Last month, we posted up the intensely creepy video for "Doorway," the haunted new jam from Berlin's Janine Rostron, aka Planningtorock. Here's the mp3 for the crawling, dramatic lead single, which explores some of the same foreboding theatrics as the Knife's Silent …