neon indian

video: vivian girls | “when i’m gone”

Sweet new song from London's Veronica Falls up at the group's myspace page. Stream "Beachy Head" here.

Animal Collective's "Banshee Beat" vs. the Beach Boys' "I'm Waiting for the Day," courtesy of Porch of the Mystics' Johnny Disaster:
mp3: neon indian x au revoir simone
au revoir simone
Neon Indian winningly applies his bent/dreamy psych-pop to Au Revoir Simone's "Another Likely Story":
Neon Indian kicks off their first tour with tonight's we shot j.r.-presented live debut at Rubber Gloves in Denton, and the group will play the Monolit…
mp3: lefse records compilation

Download a free sampler from Lefse Records, featuring new/unreleased tracks from GvsB favorites Neon Indian, Phaseone, Sunnybrook, Julian Lynch, Friend, and more.
mp3:various :: lefse records sampler .zip (79 mb)
Full tracklist here.
here’s a star

Neon Indian works his chillwave/wavegaze/wavewave/glo-fi magic on this new one from Brooklyn's the Silent League:
mp3:the silent league :: here's a star (neon indian remix)
new Neon Indian :: “terminally chill”
I guess now that Neon Indian's signed to Lefse Records, it's no longer a secret that this is the new project of Texan Alan Palomo (Ghosthustler, VEGA). Here's another track from the stellar Psychic Chasms LP, which the label says sounds like "a saw-wave cutting a Doobie Broth…
yeah yeah yeahs x weird tapes

Weird Tapes reworks Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll," turning it into an extended ethereal dreamwave (best/worst new genre name) gem. Download Weird Tapes' version here.
Apropos of nothing, some cover art for a few upcoming releases we like:
white denim | fits (june 2…
neon indian :: deadbeat summer
More nostalgia-laced, psychedelic "dream-wave" from secretive Austin/Brooklyn duo Neon Indian: you guys seemed to be way into the first two tracks I posted from these guys, but this one might be the best of the bunch. Look for the group's debut EP, Psychic Chasms, coming soon:
you wouldn’t understand

Two promising new tracks arrived in my inbox last night from mysterious newcomers Neon Indian, an anonymous new collaborative project from "a guy and a girl who make music via correspondence. One in Brooklyn, one in Austin." I've got my guesses as to who these guys are, but for now, just e…