neon indian

neon indian x daytrotter

Alan Palomo and Neon Indian played a few Psychic Chasms jams for Daytrotter recently; take a listen to "Deadbeat Summer" -- complete with expanded Rundgren sample -- below, and download the full session here.
neon indian :: deadbeat summer (daytrotter session)
neon indian remixes grizzly bear (twice)
It is common knowledge that Ed Droste has always secretly wanted to be a chillwave star, probably since before the genre was invented back in late 2009. He gets his chance here, courtesy of two Alan Palomo/Neon Indian remixes of Grizzly Bear's smash hit "Cheerleader...
new videos: white denim + neon indian
Austin bands White Denim + Neon Indian play a free show this Saturday (Halloween) night at the Granada Theater here in Dallas. I hear White Denim may go as TLC this year. RSVP at
Neon Indian peforms "Should've Taken Acid With You" live at CMJ (shot by The Pool…
laughing gas

The b-side from Primary 1's extremely limited Foaming 7" (100 copies worldwide). Comes on red vinyl, with sleeve hand-painted by Teebs of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder crew.

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