museum of bellas artes

premiere: Museum of Bellas Artes – “Abyss”
Sweden's Museum of Bellas Artes return with a swaying, dusky new single, taken from the group's long-awaited debut LP Pieces. A bit heavier than the shimmering, airy Balearic-leaning pure pop we've heard from MBA in the past, the beautifully brooding and soulful "Abyss" single is out today, with the full-length to follow on September 23 via Best Fit Recordings in collaboration with Forc
watch the glow
Video by Jamie Harley. Museum of Bellas Artes' limited Watch the Glow 7" single is out October 11 on Transparent. Pre-order here. mp3:
premiere: Museum of Bellas Artes –

“Watch the Glow”
Our friends at London's Transparent are set to release the warmly wistful new limited 7" single from Sweden's Museum Of Bellas Artes on October 11. A-side "Watch the Glow" is a pristine, vaguely tropical Swedish dance-pop gem, recommended for fans of the soothing and occasionally melancholic Balearic-tinged gold coming from MBA's like-minded compatriots Air France, Taken By Trees,
dead sun
Liquid Vega's excellent new "ghost disco" single "Dead Sun" is extended into a hypnotic, darkly seductive late-night club jam on this "semi-trance" mix by Sweden's Museum of Bellas Artes. Look for Liquid Vega's Dead Sun single April 19 on Force Majeure: mp3: ******
who do you love
Stockholm's Museum of Bellas Artes' sweet cover of the Sapphires' "Who Do You Love" gets a sparkling re-work courtesy of Japan's Handsomeboy Technique (not to be confused with these bros). Fans of like-minded Swedes Air France (who also happen to be fans of MBA) and jj take note: mp3: *******