mp3: Fun Fun Fun Fest 8 Artist Mixtape: Road Trip

The 8th annual Fun Fun Fun Fest goes down next month (November 8-10) in Austin, TX, and to get us even more psyched then we already are for what is arguably the strongest lineup in the history of our favorite fest in the world, the homies at FFF have curated a themed mixtape featuring selections fro…
mp3: download M.I.A.’s

ViCKi LEEKX mixtape
"im not saying it should be free im saying it should be freeer VICKILEEKX - leak me NYE!"--M.I.A.
M.I.A. just dropped her new free mixtape, VICKI LEEKX. Take a listen to the closing track below, and download the whole thing for the price of yr email:
listen: lost / new M.I.A. x Diplo song

From @diplo:
"a lost/new/crazy song i did with @_M_I_A_ -this is only demo... i might leak the real version if u guys want...its classic mia vibe all u apathetic shitheadz"
Tight .gif too.

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