mf doom

palm reader

Monster Rally just sent over some sunny, Madlib-influenced exotica beats from his new "sample-based psych pop" album Palm Reader, due this September. Download 'em all -- and more -- at bandcamp.
brite futures
Alright, last Dum Dum Girls-related post for at least a minute, but she continues to put out such consistently exquisite and irresistible fuzzed-out hits at an uncanny rate, and honestly, it's all I've been listening to lately (well, that and the new DOOM promo I just got in the mail)...
mf doom vs. m.i.a.
Not sure how legit or official this thing is -- I'm guessing "not so much" -- but who cares. It's Doom's verse from De La's "Rock Co. Kane Flow" over Diplo's now ubiquitous Clash sample, making him possibly the last rapper on earth to get …