melody's echo chamber

Melody’s Echo Chamber x gorilla vs. bear takeover: Silly Jane
she's the fabulous artist that created the artwork for Bon Voyage. She was my best childhood friend from age 3, we lost contact when we moved to the city. When i moved back to Aix en provence, i called her out of the blue and i discovered she had become a massive tattoo artist rockstar...
Melody’s Echo Chamber x gorilla vs. bear takeover: Dungen
i love this live session so much, it makes me want to jump through my computer's portal and dance wildly in the middle and scream... i feel the intention, the passion, the humbleness and grace. recording and being around these souls was blissful. -- Melody Prochet
Melody’s Echo Chamber x gorilla vs. bear takeover: Chris Dave
the best experience of these past years was going back to my childhood music school in Aix en provence to learn drums. They opened a modern music/rock department that didn't exist when i was classically trained ten years ago. I would practise for 6 hours in the drum class and young students wou…
video premiere: Halo Maud – Du Pouvoir
We're thrilled to premiere the charming new visuals for this beautiful and enchanting psych-pop gem about "aimless wandering", from French composer and multi-instrumentalist (and Melody's Echo Chamber’s guitarist) Halo Maud. Directed by Sébastien Dehesdin & Maud Nadal, and inspired by …

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