mp3: new Madvillain –

“Avalanche” / “Victory Lap”
Here's a preview of two new Madvillain tracks, in the form of a short snippet from Stones Throw's latest Peanut Butter Wolf-mixed podcast, a "50-minute mix of current & upcoming Stones Throw Records for 2011." Download the whole thing -- which also features tracks…
mp3: Dilla x Madlib

This one's from a 12" box that Stones Throw put out in '08. It's sold out now, so they're giving this Madlib remix of Dilla's "The $" away for free:
palm reader

Monster Rally just sent over some sunny, Madlib-influenced exotica beats from his new "sample-based psych pop" album Palm Reader, due this September. Download 'em all -- and more -- at bandcamp.
mp3: new Madvillain | “papermill”

Adult Swim just dropped a brand new track from Madvillain as part of their "8 singles 8 weeks" project. Listen below, and download it for free here.
Madvillain :: Papermill
history of the loop digga
Stones Throw just posted up two jams from Madlib's latest Medicine Show release, the triple-LP History of the Loop Digga, on which the insanely prolific producer showcases some of his earliest beat tapes from the '90s:
Medicine Show No. 5 is out May 25 on Stones Throw...
new madlib

Taken from Beat Konducta in Africa, out on deluxe limited ed. triple LP March 23 on Stones Throw.
drums of fire
madlib in paris (photo)
Madlib dropped this adventurous 30 minute set live on Paris' Radio Nova earlier this week:
mp3: (21 mb)
Also found at Stones Throw in a brief piece about Madlib's European tour: an incredible "avant-garde afro-jazz" track from Mor Thiam's (aka Akon…
mp3: madlib :: “sacrifice”

Stones Throw is offering a free download of "Sacrifice," one of the better tracks from Madlib's Beat Konducta Vol. 5 + 6: a Tribute to J Dilla, which we spoke very highly of late last year.
mp3: new old Madvillain
"DOOM originally recorded "One Beer" over a beat which had just been used by J Dilla on Jaylib's track "No Games." Madlib made this remix of the song, "One Beer (Drunk Version)" and burned the only copy to a CD, which then went miss…

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