Konradsen – Dice
Norwegian duo Konradsen share another softly stunning track from their glowing debut LP, Saints and Sebastian Stories, out October 25th on Cascine. The group's Jenny Marie Sabel says that "Dice", "set the mood and direction for the rest of the record", adding…
Konradsen – Television Land
Norwegian duo Konradsen share another stunner from their special debut LP Saints and Sebastian Stories, coming in October on Cascine / Su Tissue. Listen to "Television Land" below:
Oslo duo Konradsen share stunning new track “Baby Hallelujah”
Oslo duo Konradsen share their beautifully minimalist new hymn "Baby Hallelujah", and like last year's gorgeous "Never Say A", it's a stunning union of sparse piano with subtle atmospheric electronic production, haunting samples, and understated but undeniably powerful vocals tha…