mp3: Shlohmo feat. Jeremih – “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”
Yours Truly gave us an intriguing little preview of their latest Songs From Scratch dream collab featuring Shlohmo + Jeremih a couple weeks back, but the finished product is even bigger than we expected. These two need to do a full-length together ASAP...
SHLOHMO x gorilla vs. bear takeover
To celebrate the release of his massive Laid Out EP + the fact that he's playing our SXSW party next week (and the epic Shlohmo shake, of course), we're excited to hand over the keys to LA producer SHLOHMO for the day. You can stay up on all of his posts HERE...
mp3: new jj | “ceo birthday”

"here's to those moments when the illusions of separation collapse and we are one, we are life. here's to bonds stronger than blood. cin cin." --YOURS0134