ishmael butler

premiere: Shabazz Palaces – Forerunner Foray

"Forerunner Foray" is the glowing, interstellar new single from Seattle's Shabazz Palaces: straight from the center of the the Phasing Shift, the Palaceer's distinctive visionary flow and cosmically palatial production bridge past and future, bolstered by the ill Hustler's Convention sampl…
KENZO x Shabazz Palaces – Dawn in Luxor
New visuals from Paris fashion label KENZO for their SS14 line, starring Shabazz Palaces' Ishmael Butler. The real draw here, though: the spot is soundtracked by the incredible, otherworldly opening track from Lese Majesty, "Dawn In Luxor"...
new Shabazz Palaces – “They Come In Gold”

Here's the long-awaited first track to be unveiled from Shabazz Palaces' lush, dizzyingly brilliant new full-length, Lese Majesty. Not necessarily the most representative track on the new record, "They Come in Gold" kicks off with the kind of diamond-hard beat and ominous flow that made Bl…
from the looking comes the seeing. my big cousin ricky used to blast this out the corvette dippin up germantown ave in philly rocking a t-shirt that read "sworn to fun loyal to none" -- Ish
gang starr
i had a cassette player that would flip over at the end to play the other side. daily op stayed endlessly flipping. -- Ish
saw omar perform at montreaux jazz festival during reachin' tours. he got on stage at 5am and murdered it. in brixton last year in a jamaican record store saw a flyer for him with a valentines day performance i know that was the move. Omar the Great -- Ish
Charles mingus is a favorite of my dad Big Reg. he used to talk about and listen to this cat often. he would talk about this movie all the time, he love when, in a later scene mingus bust the shotty through his ceiling. -- Ish

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