video: iamamiwhoami – “; john”
The "mysterious" iamamiwhoami sent over their latest elaborately creepy video this afternoon; this thing is just about weird/good/ambitious enough to make us care about their gimmick again.
A preview of Ellen Allien's new album DUST, out May 18 on BPitch Control:
Got another one of these in the mail from the mysterious iamamiwhoami early this morning. Popular guesses at this point include The Knife, Goldfrapp (not likely based on the first single from Head First), the Golden Filter, and Christina Aguilera, but like our friends at WTD, we're leaning towa…
I received this first cryptic, seemingly high-budget "teaser" clip a little over a month ago, and didn't hear any more about it until yesterday, when the sender posted up another clip with pretty impressive production values, prompting much speculation/debate on Twitter...