i don't run

HINDS x gorilla vs. bear takeover: gear we used
FOR THE MUSIC FREAKS AND GEEKS!! We are about to reveal you all the gear we used song by song!!! but first we are gonna explain a bit what the process was. we recorded this album in the same studio we recorded the first one, in PACO LOCO STUDIOS, in a town called El Puerto de Santa Maria in the south of Spain. This time we decided we wanted to go to the studio two times, with some time in between
HINDS x gorilla vs. bear takeover: synesthesia
Shawn Everett was our mixer and the first day he asked us to make collages for every song, with images that came to our minds when we pictured the song so he knew what the vibe was. He worked every day with the collages next to the mixing table...
HINDS x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: handwritten lyrics
HOLA WE ARE HINDS, WE COME FROM A PLACE CALLED MADRID FROM A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY CALLED SPAIN AND TODAY OUR SECOND ALBUM I DON´T RUN IS FINALLY OUT. in this web you will be able to find all sorts of weird shit about our favourite record in the world!!! play it while you read this!!
HINDS – The Club
Our 2018 SXSW headliners share another tight new single (and the opening track) from their forthcoming sophomore LP I Don't Run, out next month via Mom + Pop. Hinds had this to say about the ripping, Hinds-iest of Hinds jams "The Club":
The eternally charming Madrid ballers Hinds return with the first single (and accompanying video, directed + edited by the band's own Carlotta Cosials) from their new album I Don't Run, out April 6th. The band calls it "the best thing we've done", and we agree, it rules...