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premiere: Ocean Hope – By Your Side
Here's the gorgeous/auspicious debut from Corinth, Greece duo Ocean Hope, who you may already be familiar with from their appearance on the dreamy new single from fellow Grecian duo Keep Shelly in Athens. "By Your Side" is a lush, billowy dream-pop gem, taken from group's excellent forthcoming debut cassette, and it's kind of elegantly melodramatic and hypnotically off-kilter in a way t
mp3: Katie Rush – Dangerous Luv (feat. Samantha Urbani)
NYC's Katie Rush quietly dropped her very sweet 5-song debut EP Law of Attraction recently, a record teeming with real '80s nostalgia and sugary neon-pop vibes (the good kind), created with the help of a couple dudes that know a little about that sort of thing, Sam Mehran of Outer Limitz and Zak Mering of Raw Thrills/Greatest Hits...