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Recycle Culture – MMXIV REMIXTAPE
In lieu of a boring year-end list, Man of the Year Recycle Culture releases a "remixtape" made up of inspired re-imaginings of his favorite tracks of 2014, featuring Ariel Pink, Lana Del Rey, Lewis, Grouper, Taylor Swift, How To Dress Well, jj, Dean Blunt, HTRK + more...
mp3: Holy Other x How to Dress Well
Berlin's Holy Other works his otherworldly magic on this ghostly, mournful rework of How To Dress Well's "Suicide Dream 2." The orchestral version of "Suicide Dream 2" comes from HTDW's limited Just Once 10" EP, available now from Yours Tru…
How to Dress Well x Yours Truly – Just Once
How To Dress Well performs a soaring orchestral rendition of "Suicide Dream 3" for our friends at Yours Truly. This one will see release as part of HTDW's limited Just Once EP on 10" vinyl via YT's fledgling Love Letters Ink imprint, with $1 from all physical sal…
mp3: How To Dress Well x d’Eon
dis mag just premiered this rework of d'Eon's "Transparency" by How To Dress Well, and while we are documented fans of the original version, HTDW's take is next level. Tom Krell says:
"For this song, I really wanted to do something that d’Eon…
video: How To Dress Well –

“Ready for the World”
Here's a new clip from master found-footage manipulator Jamie Harley, in which he perfectly aligns some unidentified, vaguely creepy images with the blurry, unsettling vibe of How To Dress Well's "Ready For the World" (still our favorite HTDW jam):
premiere: Twin Sister remixes How To Dress Well

The new 7" single featuring How To Dress Well's eerily soulful re-imagining of this (or this?) is due July 20 on Lefse Records. We heard Twins' unofficial (but awesome) ghostly, melodica-infused version last week, and now Twin Sister turns the song into something else entirely on their own love…

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