hoops takeover

Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Break My Stride
I was a having a hard time a few weeks ago. This song came on the radio and immediately snapped me out of me sad rut. This is another song that I feel like a lot of people have heard but have no idea who its by. I love this song with all my heart and it makes me genuinely feel so good. -- Drew from Hoops
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Via Talas
Great song my roommate showed me a long time ago. Seriously never gets old and always puts me in the best mood. Razor sharp songwriting that makes for great power pop. Its reminiscent of the Cars first album. -- Drew from Hoops
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Jenna Beasley
I met Jenna through my friend Judah. He asked us to play in his band Manneqin. Jenna played keyboards and I played guitar. We hit it off after playing in the band together. I immediately fell in love with Jenna’s art work. Her work ranges from xeroxed out flyers/abstract pieces to lovely paintings. She has a style that feels very thought out and it is something that she owns so well. -- Drew from
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Judah – O Yeah
Judah is my best friend in the whole wide world. It is pretty inspiring to always be able to hear what he is working on. He likes to hop around in terms of genre/style with his recordings. Sometimes he is working on breakneck punk rockers and other times he puts out beautiful gems like this. The guy is really on to something. -- Drew from Hoops
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Rain Forest
I first “heard” this song only a few weeks ago. My friend Derek spun this at a show he was DJing last week and it was instantly recognizable. The synth melody paired with the flutes immediately rang a bell in my head. I had heard this song a very long time ago but had not remembered up until last week. Anyway this is a great song. I’m sure you have heard it before. -- Drew from Hoops
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: my sleepytime playlist
This is a nice playlist of songs that I made. Its the perfect length and it will put your ass to sleep. If it doesn’t the first time around just start it over! That’s what I always do. There’s a little bit of everything on this playlist. Ambient, pop, house, jazz and more! Enjoy :~) -- Drew from Hoops
Hoops x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Clair-O
Clair is a friend of mine that I met over the internet. We both really enjoy each other’s music and became friends because of that. I love her work so much. She jumps between styles and makes each new sound she tries on her own. This song is one of my personal favorites of hers. -- Drew from Hoops

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