mp3: Deadboy – Halloween MMXII Mix

"...this is the dystopian nightmare where heavily bearded disco svengalis, codeine addled rappers and unbalanced london grime producers are stalking you on the night bus home"
mp3: Estasy – “Wild Wants”

Here's a beautifully unsettling, proper re-introduction to mysterious Italian outfit Estasy, whose debut full-length LOCUS SOLUS drops in early 2012 on Acephale:
mp3 / video: Glass Candy – HALLOWEEN
Starring Ida No. Directed by Alberto Rossini.
"Glass Candy's sinister homage to the John Carpenter classic. A Candy coated gift for all the Ghouls & Goblins in Candyland. Trick Or Treat? Another teaser from ///BODY WORK///. Disorienting walls of synthesizers grasping for their l…

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