gorilla vs. bear


We turned 10 years old today. That's roughly 70 blog years. Thanks for sticking around.

We are psyched to finally announce the 2014 edition of our annual summer showcase: GvsB IV happens on Friday, September 12, 2014, at the Granada Theater here in Dallas. This year is special, as we are beyond honored to present arguably our single favorite artist in the history of this site, Noah Len…
giveaway: The Impossible Project Nigo Edition x Gorilla vs. Bear

We've hooked up once again with our friends at The Impossible Project to give away some of what is perhaps their coolest film yet: the Nigo Edition PX 70 Color Shade.
Nigo leads a colorful life, so the PX 70 Color Shade by Nigo Film Edition not only features our latest Color Shade film formula, but a…

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