stream/download Wilco’s free new album Star Wars
Listen to Wilco's very refreshing, pleasant surprise of a new album Star Wars, which sounds to us like it bears some very heavy White Denim influence in its looseness and nervy restlessness (which wouldn't be too much of a stretch; WD toured with Wilco back in 2012, and Jeff Tweedy produce…
mp3: download After Dark 2 for free

If you don't have After Dark 2 yet, Johnny Jewel has generously upped a mixed version of the full comp -- one of our favorite releases of the year so far -- and it's a free download. Grab it:
...and while you're at it, might as well grab the original classic too:
download Hard Mix’s Defaults LP

As we mentioned last month, Dovecote Records is giving away Hard Mix's new Defaults LP away for free download starting today. Listen to a couple tracks below, and head here to grab the whole thing.
Download the new Lackadaisical EP, a split featuring two of our favorite haunted lounge-house merchants -- Denton's Fur + Detroit's Coyote Clean Up -- for free courtesy of our friends at Waaga Records:
Fur // Coyote Clean Up :: Lackadaisical EP ...
video: Pill Wonder | “Wishing Whale”
Here's the mildly-NSFW clip for Pill Wonder's swirling, euphoric tropical-pop jam "Wishing Whale," taken from their forthcoming debut LP Jungle/Surf, out February 28 on Underwater Peoples. Directed by Martin Anderson.
In related news:
We're teaming up with Underwater Peoples next month…