echo lake

video premiere: Echo Lake – “Breathe Deep”
Beautifully tripped-out video for Echo Lake's hypnotic new single "Breathe Deep," shot last month at 136 Shaftesbury Avenue in London in a former church that we're told is "sadly now likely to be demolished." Directed + produced by Rob Heppell...
mp3: Echo Lake – “Sunday Evening”
Here's another shimmering psych-pop gem from Echo Lake's debut 12" EP Young Silence, which drops next week on No Pain in Pop. If you're still somehow unfamiliar with the London band at this point, EP opener "Sunday Evening" is as good an intro as any to the band's hypnotic and enveloping Galaxie 500-inspired "swoon-pop" (their words, but entirely accurate): mp3: Young Si
video premiere:

Echo Lake – “Young Silence”
Here's the new video for the title track from Echo Lake's forthcoming Young Silence 12" EP, which drops on Valentine's Day on No Pain In Pop. Sort of like a low-budget -- and cooler looking -- version of Radiohead's "House of Cards" video, but instead of lasers, these ghostly apparitions were rendered with nothing but a Kinect and some custom software by Daniel Nixon of XXJFG fame..
young silence
London's Echo Lake -- a band we've gushed about before -- just sent over another blissed out, reverb-soaked new dream pop gem, along with the caveat that this one's "probably as pop as we'll get." mp3: ****** elsewhere: L.A.'s Pearl Harbor have apparently changed their name to PURO INSTINCT...
in dreams
London's Echo Lake befriended us on myspace recently, and subsequently, I've been making regular visits to their page over the last several days to listen to the two songs they'd shared in their player. The great xxjfg posted up a brand new track from the promising band this evening, and it's their best yet: a gorgeous, swirling, hypnotic dream-pop jam that's probably the prettiest thing I've hear