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favorites of 2012.5
Here are our favorite records / songs / videos from a very strong first half of 2012, complete with links to listen to the albums in their entirety, in most cases. We probably don't have to ask you to leave your choices in the comments, but as always, we enjoy seeing them...
download Clams Casino’s Instrumental Mixtape 2
Clams Casino just dropped another instrumental mixtape via twitter, featuring some of his best beats from the last year or so, created for the likes of A$AP Rocky, LDR, Washed Out, The Weeknd, and more. Check a couple tracks below -- including the previously unreleased "Human" -- a…
premiere: Florence x Clams Casino – “Never Let Me Go”

Clams Casino raises the already sky-high emotional stakes of the best Florence song (next to maybe only that xx remix) on this massive, murky re-work, the last minute of which is among the most powerful things we've heard this year. The Clams remix is featured on the b-side of Florence + the Machine…
video: A$AP Rocky – “Wassup”
A$AP Rocky x VICE: "...based on elements from Rocky’s top five favorite movies: Scarface, Belly, Enter the Dragon, the Warriors, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."
mp3: Clams Casino – INSTRUMENTALS mastered version
One last Xmas gift for 2011: Clams Casino is giving away the digitally remastered, 320 kbps (yeah he found out what those are / no he doesn't care) version of one of our favorite albums of the year. These are the files from the now sold-out Type Records vinyl re-issue of INSTRUMENTALS, so if yo…
download The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence mixtape
The Weeknd just dropped his new mixtape Echoes of Silence over on his website. Check the tape-opening MJ cover and the Clams Casino-produced joint "The Fall," and download the whole thing below:
The Weeknd :: Echoes of Silence ...
mp3: Clams Casino x Washed Out

Download another one from Washed Out's Amor Fati 12", as @clammyclams re-works the title track:
Washed Out :: Call It Off

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