Merry Christmas from CHROMATICS. Check the video, filmed 12 years ago by Johnny Jewel + Nat Walker, of the group in the studio in Portland recording their slow-burning cover of the Springsteen classic:
download jj’s kills mixtape
Christmas Eve is here -- in Sweden, anyway -- so here's jj's kills mixtape, as promised by Sincerely Yours. Featuring Dre, Biggie, M.I.A., Jay-Z, Yeezy, et al:
Download the whole mixtape:
jj :: kills mixtape ...
Merry Christmas from Odd Future
Merry X-mas from OFWGKTA. Starring Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats + the elusive Earl Sweatshirt:
"This Isn’t Going To Be On Shit. So Take This Song As A Warming Christmas Gift From The Wolf Gang, Because The Only Thing We Want Is For EARL To Come Back Home...
mp3 premiere:

The Golden Filter – “White Nights”

Here's an early Christmas gift from the Golden Filter, in the form of this twinkling cover of Psychic TV's creepy '80s Christmas lullaby "White Nights," which cribs some of its lyrics from the Rev. Jim Jones' infamous death tapes. Listen + download for your holiday mixtapes below, and watc…
a very banjo or freakout xmas
Banjo or Freakout is giving away his new Xmas album, featuring the eeriest versions of "Jingle Bells" and "Joy to the World" ever recorded, a gorgeous Beach Boys cover, and more. Download the whole thing here.

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