blowout comb

saw omar perform at montreaux jazz festival during reachin' tours. he got on stage at 5am and murdered it. in brixton last year in a jamaican record store saw a flyer for him with a valentines day performance i know that was the move. Omar the Great -- Ish
Charles mingus is a favorite of my dad Big Reg. he used to talk about and listen to this cat often. he would talk about this movie all the time, he love when, in a later scene mingus bust the shotty through his ceiling. -- Ish
Digable Planets – Blowout Comb vinyl reissue
Brace yourself for our second gushing Light in the Attic post of the week: the label has announced the first vinyl reissue of our favorite hip-hop record ever, Digable Planets' still somewhat under-appreciated, ahead-of-its-time 1994 classic, Blowout Comb...