black dice

Washed Out x Gorilla vs. Bear takeover: Nanoo by Yamantaka Eye
As you can probably tell, I’m pretty into weird, obscure collage-based art and this is another great example. This work is from a super-rare art book by the leader of Japanese noise band Boredoms. It reminds me a lot of Bjorn Copeland’s work (of Black Dice fame) which I also love. Pure chaos, using anything and everything for source material. -- Washed Out
Panda Bear takeover: Eric Copeland
Eric plays in the band Black Dice but also releases music under his own name. He’s a curious, hard working, and uncompromising musician who’s influenced a lot of whats around today, my own stuff included. I like how his music (and Black Dice’s) has a handmade feel and how colourful and playful it sounds...
Panda Bear – GREEN RAY mix
Panda Bear put together this short mix comprised of music from some of the artists playing this week's Friday the 13th Green Ray party at Lisbon’s Lux Frágil, which he curated. Featuring Niagara, Gala Drop, Actress, Eric Copeland, bEEdEEgEE and more. Poster by Bjorn Copeland.
video: black dice :: “glazin”
This new Black Dice video -- for perhaps the most accessible, poppy offering from the group's latest effort -- is recommended for people who thought that Panda Bear video from the other day "wasn't druggy enough": mp3: (via) *****************
mp3: new black dice | “glazin”
I've been listening to the noisy and chaotic new Black Dice record a lot over the last week or so, and I'm still no closer to making any sense of what's going on, nor do I have any real grasp on how I feel about it yet. One thing I do know: the first promo mp3 to surface from REPO is for my favorite song from the LP, "Glazin," which is probably the record's most upbeat, immediately acce