mp3: Porcelain Raft –

“Tip of Your Tongue”
London/Rome's Porcelain Raft is set to release his new single on Acephale next month, featuring this newly mixed and mastered version of lilting/floating dream-pop song "Tip of Your Tongue." The 7" is out November 8, and is limited to 500 copies (first 150 clear viny…
mixtape: Korallreven –

A Dream by Korallreven

Here's a blissed-out new mixtape from Sweden's Korallreven, entitled A Dream By Korallreven For Korallreven In Collaboration With Korallreven For Korallreven. The 22-minute mix features a couple of new/unreleased remixes from the Swedish duo (for Taken By Trees and SALEM) as well as their gorgeous n…
the truest faith
Official video for Korallreven's "The Truest Faith," directed by Sebastian of Sail a Whale. Look for the The Truest Faith, Loved-Up remix EP on Acephale on July 6, featuring contributions from CFCF, Sail A Whale, and more, including this noisy, oddly uplifting extended version by experimen…
the truest faith

We posted a preview of this track recently as part of Korallreven's excellent spring mix, and now we have the whole thing, taken from the group's new single. The Truest Faith 7" is limited to 500 copies on maroon vinyl, out now on Acephale.
truest faith
Here's a blissed-out new Spring mix by Sweden's Korallreven, featuring tracks from Madlib, Pure Ecstasy, Toro y Moi, Kingdom, Teengirl Fantasy, Joy Orbison, and both sides of Korallreven's own gorgeous new Truest Faith single, which is out soon on Acephale...
babe rainbow x midnight juggernauts
Here's the b-side from Midnight Juggernauts' This New Technology 7", on which the title track is mutated into an ominous, crawling, dubbed-out dirge by Vancouver "surf-step" producer Babe Rainbow, whose own haunted Shaved EP is out now on Warp:
Midnight Jugger…
Acephale Records hooked us up with this premiere of their latest release, a new limited 7" single from Austin, TX's Pure Ecstasy. We've been fans of "Voices" since seeing Your Truly's recording of the band's reverb-heavy San Francisco performance, and t…
memory tapes x midnight juggernauts
Memory Tapes deconstructs Midnight Juggernauts' new single, turning it into something closer to a throbbing, early-Weird Tapes-esque club jam (as opposed to his more wistful/dreamy recent work). Not chillwave:
Get the limited (500 copies, no repress) This New Technology 7" from Acep…
no way down
Acephale Records is releasing the first two Air France EPs (On Trade Winds/No Way Down) on double 10" vinyl with gatefold cover. Only 500 499 copies available with no repress, which means these will likely be gone forever by the end of the week...

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